Orchestra is back this summer!

Ensembles are open to: violin, viola, cello, and contrabass players.

Event Dates: Fridays June 17th and 24th from 1-3pm
Saturdays July 16th and 23rd from 1-3pm

String Mixer Orchestra: Each 2 hour session is $30 per person.

Description: The String Mixer is open to ages 13+ as a tiny intermediate community ensemble of orchestral string instruments (4-8 players).

I like to talk about a little music history, the important roles in the music of each player, techniques and styles of playing, and teaching people what it’s like to be in an orchestra setting. However, we do a lot of sight reading and laughing at our mistakes while sharing the love of music together.

People are encouraged to share sheet music within the group so everyone has a chance to choose what we will play. Ex: Bring a sample for us to sight read and I will print extra parts if needed. 

I conduct the ensemble with my five string viola, or fill in on any missing part, as a chamber orchestra setting. 

Requirements: Interested participants must register and pay in advance, requiring a four person minimum for the session to commence.

Each person must have their own books of music, please register for details.

Final Details: Music stands and chairs will be provided to each person.
Events are subject to cancellation at any time and lack of attendance may reduce the length of the event.
Refunds and make-ups do not apply to String Essence events.
Refunds will be issued only if String Essence cancels a String Mixer session.

Junior String Mixer: Each one hour jam session is $25 per person. Beginner ensemble for ages 7-12. Description is about the same as mentioned above, however, sheet music will be supplied. No additional music book purchase required.


Please use the registration link if you are not already a member of String Essence. Current members may register for events directly from the portal calendar.

3 thoughts on “Orchestra is back this summer!

  1. Hi Athena
    I guess you know that Mike passed away It has been very hard, as he was not only my husband but my best friend There is a good possibility I might be moving to Alaska in about 6 months If it works out, I hope to study from you again

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  2. Hi Athena,

    I have two violins for sale. They are here in Hope. They are full size, 1800s, German and French instruments from my family.


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