Facts About Hiring a Violinist

How much does it cost to hire a violinist?

Professional violinists often charge, on average, between $150 to $500 per hour. Prices can vary depending on your location, travel distance, their expertise, and the songs that you’re requesting to be performed.

Can I request specific songs or pieces to be performed?

Violinists typically have a large repertoire of songs that they already know for you to choose from. With enough notice, most violinists will also learn new songs for your event. However, requesting songs not included in their repertoire may result in an additional charge for the time they spend learning the new pieces.

What styles of music can violinists play?

Violinists are normally classically trained and well versed in a variety of classical pieces. However, this is not the only style of music that they perform! Violinists often perform versions of pop, country, jazz, and even classic rock songs. Prior to booking, be sure to let the violinist know what kind of sound you are looking for.

How long do violinists usually perform?

Violinists typically play in “sets” of 30-45 minutes. If your event is several hours long, you will want to discuss the length of their performance as well as the break times they’ll need in between sets.

What equipment does a violinist need?

To perform, most violinists simply need seats, music stand, sheet music, and their instruments. Typically, they perform acoustically so electrical power is not a concern unless the venue is large enough to require mics. Since each performer is unique, though, ensure the day goes smoothly by asking the violinist you’ve hired exactly what they need from you.

What kind of events are appropriate for a violinist?

Violinists can be a great addition to nearly any event. The classical style that violinists often perform makes them a great addition to formal occasions, weddings, and proposals. However, due to violinists’ ability to play a wide variety of styles and genres, they are also perfect for a variety of community events, fundraisers, or even birthday parties.