“I do much work with Athena and her musical gift “String Essence” both as a business owner and personally. It is so essential for sects as this to exist, for the children and for adults as well. Rehabilitation via music is one that I use each day and one that I believe should be passed on and shared. I teach in my spare time and hope one day I can do it to the scale Athena does it both in skill and professionality.” ~2022 John H.

“Athena is a fantastic teacher! I looked forward to each and every lesson. Lots of support, humor, and music. I had a hard time finding a cello teacher and was really excited to find her. I had so much fun and felt so inspired by her that my husband started taking guitar lessons with her.” ~2022 Jessica C.

“My son loves going to his cello lessons with Athena. She is so professional and well qualified while also being very approachable and easy to work with.” ~2021 Katie F.

“Athena teaches my daughters cello and violin. I am always impressed with how efficiently she uses lesson time, how optimistically she shares information, knowledge and criticism; and her expectations of her students. She also keeps up a great website to keep track of lesson information, schedules and bills. Definitely a great music teacher.👍👍” ~2021 Jackie M.

“Athena has been teaching my girl how to play violin for 7 months. We are so pleased with how far she has come in such a little time! Athena is very patient with us as we learn the ins and outs of caring for and playing her instrument! We look forward to many more years with String Essence!” ~2019 Cassie H.

“Athena has been a terrific teacher to me and my wife as we decided to take up string instruments in our 50s. She has strived to help us do what we want and not push us in any direction. She has guided us along at our own paces. She knows her stuff, and she is good at teaching it. She makes students comfortable and relaxed so they can enjoy the music. She has a real passion for music and passes her love along in her teaching. She joins right in and plays with us, which is quite nice. She never discourages when I over reach, and she never scolds if we didn’t keep up with the plan. She makes it all about the music, enjoying it in whatever way is desired. I would highly recommend her for any adult students.” ~2018 Joel R.

“I would encourage any and all, to join us. Violins, violas, cellos etc ..we love all. It is SO much fun learning together and playing together. I did not know that learning and growing, playing together could be so gratifying. No one screams at you if you make a mistake!!” ~2018 Linda B.

“String Essence is an excellent way to play together, learn to read music and get to play great music, all the while having fun in meeting people with like interests. I use to play but had to move. Athena is a gifted musician , skilled teacher , and makes learning fun. There is no age she can’t teach. She is a gem there in Alaska. Don’t miss out on all she has to offer there.” ~2018 Bobbie P.

“As a new to piano, adult learner with a Master’s Degree, Athena was able to satisfy my desire to learn to play popular songs, while teaching traditional music theory and following the Royal Conservatory of Music National Standards. Her love of music carries over to any student who is honored to be graced with her instruction” -2017 Ronda M.

“Athena is a wonderful teacher and a wonderful person overall. If you are looking for personalized music lessons and a teacher with a vast knowledge of music theory, patience, and skill, Athena is the best person for the job. For an adult, learning music for the first time can be intimidating but I never once felt inadequate in Athena’s lessons. In fact, she helped me get past my stage fright and made me feel like I could reach any goal I set my mind to. She always listened to my needs and we only played what I wanted to play. I never thought I would get this far in my violin playing and I can’t recommend her enough, whether you have a child that wants to learn or you are an adult that wants to begin playing.” -2016, Lisa C.

“Athena is an excellent music teacher. Not only does she know music theory through and through, but she explains it so well and patiently to my 9-year old. She makes it fun to come to class, which is so important for a child — to develop a true love for making music.” -2016, Debbie W.

“Athena is absolutely one of the best teachers my children have had. Not only because of all the knowledge of music she possesses, but because she’s truly a wonderful person at heart, and that comes through in her teaching style. I’m very appreciative to have someone like Athena teaching my kids, she’s someone I have full confidence in; she has so much experience and expertise, along with meeting my kids right where they’re at.” -2016 Sophia IK

“My 6 year old loves Athena and looks forward to her piano lessons. Athena is a great teacher and talented musician who truly cares about her students. She makes learning fun!” -2016, Mark M.

“Athena was such an amazing teacher that I was lucky enough to have. I had been playing for close to four years and had been mostly self taught and thought I was doing pretty good, but when my band teacher had me take lessons with Athena I was so happy I cried. I never realized how little I knew until I started working with her. She taught me so much in such a short time and I am forever thankful for that she is truly an amazing musician I aspire to match in talent one day. Just she helped me so much with the instrument I love and even Helped me get a new one that I play right now and it is fantastic. I can never thank her enough and I hope to continue lessons with her soon.” -2016 Tristen T.


“Athena performed with a guitarist at my small mountain top wedding! They did an amazing job. She even took the time to learn new music we had requested!” ~2019 Jessica B.

“Athena promptly got us in touch with a fantastic cellist for our Alyeska wedding planned in just three months! She was professional and excited about the music. Athena worked with us every step of the way from music selection to set order and program details. She even arranged the music for my bridal procession herself. Cealice, our cellist, was punctual, elegant and very skilled. We are so happy with how everything turned out. I highly recommend the services of String Essence!” ~2017 Kathryn and Paul

“Athena captured our wedding day in the most amazing way, with beautiful music. From planning through the day of our wedding, she was professional and demonstrated how talented she is as a musician. She was able to master all songs we had requested! Our ceremony was short and sweet so she continued playing during the beginning of our reception to be sure she played the time we had agreed upon. I would recommend Athena to anyone. You will not be disappointed!” ~2017, Steph M.

“Athena, and her music, made my wedding so very special and unforgettable. Athena took the time to learn several new songs for my wedding and played them beautifully. My favorite being, A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. I walked down the aisle to this song and immediately started crying because of its beauty and how perfectly it was played. It is my husband and my special song, and Athena brought it to life while my fathers gave me away to my husband. Athena is extremely professional yet personable and wonderful to work with. There is no question I would work with her again. Thank you Athena for making my special day so wonderful.” ~2016, Joy O.

“She was fantastic! Even arrived early for my daughter’s wedding. She entertained the guest 1/2 hour before the wedding & the wedding party walked down to the beautiful sounds of her violin. We would recommend her highly, very professional and accomdating.” ~2016 Patti C.

“Athena was the perfect choice for our wedding ceremony and reception. She was a joy to work with offering up her talent, experience, and professionalism. Thanks again for contributing to our special day!” ~2016 Mindy K.