About Athena

Athena Schreur was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. The day she picked up her first viola, she began her classical studies and was later influenced by jazz, pop, world folk and Celtic music accumulating over 27 years. While attending the Las Vegas Summer Music Festival and cultivating many stylistic skills and ensemble experiences with renowned musicians and conductors from around she world, she realized that music would be her full time job.

Athena brings a dynamic finesse to her performance. She has performed with such notable stars such as Andrea Bocceli, Smokey Robinson, and Wayne Newton just to name a few. Athena’s many experiences as a freelance musician has led her to become an event specialist, skilled in creating music arrangements for any mix of string instrumentation.

Athena has been teaching: the violin and viola for over 23 years. And in combination over the last 10 years she has continued honing her skills and teaching the piano, contrabass, cello, guitar, ukulele, and autoharp. Athena found her talent for teaching from wanting to share her love and passion for music and the joy it brings when music is shared together. Athena uses a refreshing mix of materials to help students connect with the language of music, in a unique and modern approach unlike anyone else in Alaska.

Currently residing in Palmer, Alaska. Athena is teaching, composing, and performing live as often as possible. She has recently arranged a wide spectrum of compilations for Violin and Guitar Duets being performed throughout Alaska.

Let’s Create something together.