Hi, I’m Athena

As owner of String Essence, I have dedicated my life’s work to developing new and modern teaching techniques to promote a creative and fun music education experience; as well as providing unique community workshops and performances.
Talkeetna “Live at 5” with Folk Artist Ester Golton

Why String Essence?

  • It’s about introducing classical music in a positive light to Greater Alaska, with a modern approach in music performance and education.
  • To share musical offerings throughout Alaska, in an effort to keep the music alive respectively as a performance art, and preserving music education as a language.
  • Sign up today for group lessons and start making music with others in the community, there are no boundaries of style in the creative process. Ages 5 to adult welcome!
  • The fine art of music performance promotes a mixed culture and belongs in everyday life, music is part of who we are, get involved!

I believe a musical community matters and that expressing ourselves through music brings us closer together, creating a positive environment for students to foster life skills in: discipline, teamwork, cooperation, tolerance, respect, as well as the building of independent and critical thinking skills.

3 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Athena

  1. Hello Athena, I would like to arrange for my 9 year old nephew to take beginning fiddle lessons with you if possible. When he lived in Home he took violin lessons with the first graders and loved it! He keeps begging to learn the fiddle. We live in Talkeetna but he can get a ride to Wasilla on Tuesdays. We would also need to buy a fiddle. I look forward to hearing from you.

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  2. Thanks for reaching out Bruce! I can teach you banjo (or any string instrument), but I am not a banjo player myself- it’s just not my style. I can get you started if you like, but you might want to check with Matanuska Music and see who they recommend to explore your options- best of luck to you!


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