Hi, I’m Athena

As owner of String Essence, I have dedicated my life’s work to developing new and modern teaching techniques to promote a creative and fun music education experience; as well as providing unique community workshops and performances.
Talkeetna “Live at 5” with Folk Artist Ester Golton

Why String Essence?

  • It’s about introducing classical music in a positive light to Greater Alaska, with a modern approach in music performance and education.
  • To share musical offerings throughout Alaska, in an effort to keep the music alive respectively as a performance art, and preserving music education as a language.
  • Sign up today for group lessons and start making music with others in the community, there are no boundaries of style in the creative process. Ages 5 to adult welcome!
  • The fine art of music performance promotes a mixed culture and belongs in everyday life, music is part of who we are, get involved!

I believe a musical community matters and that expressing ourselves through music brings us closer together, creating a positive environment for students to foster life skills in: discipline, teamwork, cooperation, tolerance, respect, as well as the building of independent and critical thinking skills.

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