Policy and Procedure

Last Updated: April 2021

Expected procedure of the Student/Parent/Guardian:

  • All students are expected to approach their instructor with a positive attitude, and have a willingness to actively participate during their lesson with minimal disruption preferred. It is MANDATORY to wash your hands and cut your fingernails before entering the studio for a lesson. It is also important to know too that it is NEVER OK to touch a musical instrument that is not your own. In general, please keep your hands to yourself at all times.
  • Please mark your appointment on all your calendars, your specific reservation is time-sensitive, and your commitment is important to your eager and ever so prepared instructor. Online Skype video lessons are interchangeable with in-studio lessons, at your appointed lesson time. String Essence is a professional service with limited availability, the schedule does not allow for “make-up lessons.”
  • To get the most time and benefits out of every lesson, keep well organized with a music binder, manuscript notepad, pencils (no pens), theory books, method books, song books, and/or tablet/ipad with downloaded documents and sheet music to read and/or edit directly using the Xodo or PiaScore Apps. Ms. Athena will help you choose a method, song book, and/or App to make your music learning experience more enjoyable and personalized at your personal expense. Download the free Dropbox App to access the shared files assigned to you.
  • The student is responsible for bringing their instrument (except piano), in clean and properly maintained playing ability, along with all the accessories and books that go with it to every lesson. If the instrument is being repaired, you are responsible for letting your instructor know in advance, as you are still expected to be prepared to attend your scheduled appointment. So much more can be learned about music away from your instrument.

Music Package Policies:

Customized Music Lesson Packages are a commitment to a specific time and day on a weekly basis; for a minimum of four consecutive weeks at any available start date, and is not to exceed eight weeks in advance payment of a reservation.

Music lesson packages are to be paid in advance, in order to reserve a regular weekly time-commitment. Payment for a Music Package is not accepted until a specific reservation is confirmed in advance (no more than 7 days) of your intended start date. Upon payment and confirmation of your appointed Music Package, you are automatically in a binding agreement to the String Essence Policy and Expectations.

Music lesson packages do not provide or include instruments or materials of any kind; which means the student/parent is responsible for providing instrument(s), study books, sheet music, tablets and accessories at each appointed lesson.

String Essence does not discriminate or participate in the observance of national/federal/religious holidays, or public/private school breaks/closures. However, lessons may be subject to cancellation at any time for any reason. Check the online class schedule often for availability, events and closures. String Essence takes pride in policy and making music fun, as both are designed to provide flexibility and meet the needs for nearly any individuals’ lifestyle and musical interests.

Payment: Music Package purchases are payable only to Athena Schreur. Payments may be made by cash, check, money order, Zelle (USAA Military) or Google Pay. In order to keep a specific reservation for ongoing music lessons, payment is required in advance by the last scheduled lesson of the current music package. Receipts may be provided upon request.

Cancellation: Specific reservations for lessons are automatically canceled when a music lesson package is not paid in full, by the last scheduled lesson-time of the currently purchased music package; and therefore services will not be provided until future reservations are confirmed in advance. String Essence reserves the right to refuse service at any time.

No credit or refunds of any kind, for any reason, will be given for unattended lessons. Due to limited space and availability; if a student misses the appointed weekly lesson for any reason, the benefit of that lesson is lost with no guarantee of recovery time. If the instructor misses a lesson for any reason, either a: refund for that single-lesson or a single-lesson credit towards the current reservation of a music lesson package will be issued.

Credit towards a music lesson package will not be issued upon cancellation at any time for any reason. A zero tolerance policy is strictly enforced when arriving contagiously sick to lessons and spreading illness to the studio, and therefore clients will be subject to immediate dismissal and/or termination of lessons without a refund to the current Music Package purchased. Please consider a Skype meeting instead.

Thank you for your respect and understanding.

Ms. Athena Schreur
Owner of String Essence
500 E. Swanson Ave. Suite 6
Wasilla , Alaska 99654